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The 15th hội an – japan cultural exchange 2017

 16:03 27/07/2017

Hoi An - Japan cultural exchange is the most outstanding event of Hoi An city in recent years. It is the cultural, spiritual and friendship fusion of the past that has become the invisible cord connecting people from two different countries with the present and the future. 14 years after the first event, it has still left in the hearts of the participants a lot of good feelings about the friendship and solidarity between the two nations.

tet AL 2017

Hội An lunar new year 2017 event information

 13:48 06/01/2017

Lunar New Year Festival is the most important spiritual holiday in the cultural life of Vietnamese people because this is a privileged occasion for each person to find their way back to their origin and spiritual values that have become the tradition of our nation for generations.